Monday, January 30, 2012

Very Pinteresting

I now have a new addiction and its called Pinterest. What the heck is Pinterest ?, I hear you say. Well its sort of like your own private corkboard on the internet. I have several boards for different subjects eg: Photography, recipes, DIY, holidays and so on.

I usually have the Pinterest site open in a seperate tab and if I come across something interesting that I want to look at later on or use as a reference , I simply copy the web address, open my Pinterest tab, hit the add button at the top right of the page then paste the address into the blank space. I then pick what board I want to paste it to and voila, its there complete with a picture and comment of what it is. Before I discovered Pinterest I used to email myself the link of the website that I liked then would keep all these emailed links in a sepereate mail folder, which I would then sort through to find what I was after. Pinterest is way more simpler and you can access it from any computer.

You also have the option of looking at and following other peoples boards. Which is fabulous as I follow people with the same interests as me and then they share their discoveries, which I then in turn pin to my boards. My daughter has decided that she will have a go at cooking some of the recipes I have pinned and the ones she has cooked up have been delish.

Pop over and have a look, Im sure that once you get started you will be hooked as well.

Here is a tutorial on how it works


  1. I adore Pinterest and often repin from you haha

  2. Thanks Sim. I also repin from you. Its very addictive.