Monday, February 6, 2012

A day in my life

Our homework for this weeks Beyond Layers course was to capture 6 images of our day. I did a couple one day and then the rest the next. You might wonder why the blue sky, well it had been raining non stop pretty much the whole week then cleared on the Friday, so this photo was to celebrate the sunshine.
Images clockwise starting from top left-
My dog Ally
Pantone colour chart that we use at work
The fabulous blue sky
Coneflowers from my garden
My shelf in the studio
Friday nights dinner, fried rice and chicken kebabs

1 comment:

  1. Louise this is lovely, Yay for moments of Blue sky :)
    Arnt storyboards fun, I can see me making more and more of these as time goes on, I love the brightness of yours :)